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Cheap Websites for Churches

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By The SnapShot Web Team on 8/4/2011 2:22 PM

 Fully Customized Ministry Websites
Professionally Designed Ministry Websites

Most of what we do every day at SnapShot Web could be described as helping churches, ministries, and sometimes small businesses get setup with affordable, great looking, very robust, and easy to manage websites.  When we set up a new website, I always tell customers and potential customers that the templates we start with are fully customizable.  What this means is that you can simply look for the website template that's closest to what you have in mind and we'll help you make changes to the images, colors, layout, etc. so that it's a perfect fit for what you are looking for.  That's most of what we do.

Occassionally though (it's actually becoming rather frequent) we'll have someone approach us with the website design already complete.  Not only do they know exactly what they are looking for but they have the design already packaged in layered Photoshop file.  These people want us to do two things for them:

  1. Take their design and make it work - make the rollover images work, program the dropdown menus, add links, videos, mp3s, slideshows, etc.
  2. Set it up in such a way that they can easily manage it themselves - this way they don't have to pay or wait every time they want to add a new page or update content.

We recently finished a custom project in this arena at and I thought you might like to check it out.  Click around the site and let us know what you think.  We've got a handful of others that I'll post on the blog in the coming weeks. 

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